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About Rock & Road Riders Club Restaurant & Cafe

Welcome to Guatape, Colombia!! Home of the Rock & Road Riders Club, Restaurant & Cafe. Known locally as “Casa de Ciclistas” our love for amazing food runs as deep as our passion for riding bicycles. A popular hangout for cyclists from all over Colombia and visitors from around the world, everyone is welcome to the Casa De Ciclistas clubhouse!

Fueled by coffee, and driven by determination, whether were out climbing Colombia’s Alto de Letras, descending extreme mountainous single track dirt trails or thoughtfully preparing fresh dishes for our guests, the end result is we put the WOW in everything we do!!

From simple Baja street tacos, to our spicy Piña Loca, our kitchen serves authentic dishes, with flavors from around the world and natural ingredients locally sourced. You’ll find everything, from Chicken to Chocolate, and were the only place around who makes genuine bagels and the creamiest smoothies in Colombia! Truly a place not to be missed when you’re in Guatape!!

Ride Relax Eat Repeat

Bicycles, Bagels, and Coffee!  Always make time for the things that make you happy to be alive!


Phenomenal Food, Breathtaking Adventures!!

Join us for and amazing early breakfast, and then let’s saddle up for a exhilarating cross country biking adventure through the mountains of Colombia! We’ll take you off the beaten tourist paths, and far from the paved concrete jungles of Medellin and Bogota.

With a variety of rewarding adventures for cyclists at all skill levels and conditioning, we’ll show you the real beauty and raw nature of Colombia. Each adventure is designed to introduce you to the culture and warm hospitality, of the humble Campesinos and Artisans living in the rural mountain communities of Colombia. Peddling through the mountains you’ll encounter amazing wildlife, spectacular vistas and waterfalls, on your way to artisanal coffee and cacao farms. Colombia’s small artisan communities are proud of their culture and the uniqueness of their crafting traditions. We help support these communities by giving them an opportunity to share with you what they know, love and value. Through these kinds of cross cultural experiences the intangible wonders of Colombia are revealed and there is no better way to do it then to pedal through the mountains of Colombia.

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Guatape is one of the most beautiful places in Colombia and one of the most colorful places in all of South America. The vast majority of people who visit Guatape come to climb the 740 stairs of the Peñol, and snap hundreds of colorful photos of the town and its zocalos. But the real beauty of this area is not found only in the town of Guatape! The real beauty is found exploring the gorgeous archipelago of islands, canyons, inlets, valleys, and villages, around Guatape in the department of Antioquia! Here you’ll see waterfalls, coffee farms, artisanal chocolate plantations and three other equally impressive large rocks! The best way to really see and experience the raw beauty of Colombia’s Antioquia Department is by bicycle! Join us!!

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This is the perfect chance to get away from your routine and see the best views of these amazing places, take beautiful photos and simply to relax!

Ryan Howard

Ryan Howard


It was exciting for me to try something new and finally get on that tour to Niagara Falls – I appreciate the excellent service and the awesome people!

Sean Matthews

Sean Matthews


What a great way to escape your city for a weekend with a friend! Thanks a lot for the amazing tours and awesome guides – you know your audience!

John Walker

John Walker


I loved the adventure that we had during our last tour! Thank you for the wonderful trip programs and photos that carry the most amazing memories!

Jessica Moore

Jessica Moore

Art Director
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